Weekly Wrap Up [Week 1]

F1 pundit Dane Hansen, writes for The Sport Space giving you weekly breakdowns of exclusive, need to know facts about the exciting and dynamic world that is Formula One. Find out what happened in the first week at testing in Jerez.

Formula One fans can now stop holding their breathes. On the 1st of February 2015, the silence in Europe was broken by the ever growing louder 1.6l turbo engines. Why are they getting louder? Nobody actually knows. But what we do know, is that there is much much more to look forward to this year. Fans, engineers and drivers were able to get their first taste of F1 in 2015 at the first test in Jerez. Speaking of Hispanic tracks, the sport will also make its first return to Mexico since Nigel Mansell won there in 1992 – just one of many exciting prospects for the coming season.

February 1st – 6th

TW 2

This season marks the debut of three new rookie drivers. Ex-Williams man Felipe Nasr, joins Sauber with a sturdy sponsorship from Banco do Brasil, giving this year’s car a whole new blue and yellow livery. Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Jnr head up the front at Toro Rosso. The Italian outfit claim this year’s car is their best yet since their arrival on the F1 scene in 2006. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg will continue to rage again both on track and off track in a psychological warfare that will test their driving skill, expertise in the garage and the media. The McLaren Honda alliance has commenced once again – a relationship that saw the team’s titles with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. McLaren’s prodigal son, Fernando Alonso returns to the Woking based team for some “unfinished business”, whilst Sebastien Vettel has quite comfortably filled in the gap that Alonso had left, and has eerily left an early impression on Ferrari that resembles the figure of a certain Michael Schumacher.

There is just so much to look forward to this year. Let’s take a look at what happened in Formula One this week.

TW 4

This Week in F1: Week T- 4


1st February 2015 [1st TEST DAY 1]

  • Sebastien Vettel tops the time sheets with a solid 60 laps completed on his first official outing in his new Ferrari. (1:22.620)
  • Nico Rosberg came in 6th overall on his first day, but instead of pace, he displayed the Mercedes newfound reliability, spending 157 laps behind the wheel. (1:23.106)
  • Fernando Alonso completes a total of just 6 laps before his Honda powered McLaren parked up in the pits for the day. (1:40.738)
  • Red Bull remained upbeat after Aussie boy, Honey Badger Daniel Ricciardo, finished up fourth in his camouflaged car. Is it black with white stripes, or white with black stripes? (1:23.338)
  • Valterri Bottas remarks that Williams have made a good step forward for 2015.

2nd February 2015 [1st TEST DAY 2]

  • Vettel tops that charts once more with 88 laps and a fastest time of 1:20.984.
  • Felipe Nasr comes in with Sauber at second on the log at 8 tenths behind the leading Ferrari.
  • Young gun Max Verstappen brings the car home in 5th on the timing screens with a time of 1:24.167 after 73 laps
  • Dani Kvyat takes his Red Bull to no official time after a “stupid” error that forced him to test the car with no front wing. A spare wasn’t available in Spain.


3rd February 2015 [1st TEST DAY 3]

  • Felipe Nasr now puts his car on top of the charts after displaying Sauber’s reliability after 108 laps. (1:21.545)
  • Kimi Räikkönen  in his Ferrari finished just two tenths behind.
  • Lotus finish in 5th using their new Mercedes power units with a time of 1:22.713. Pastor Maldonado was behind the wheel.
  • Sainz Jnr. ended 6th overall at the end of the day 1:23.187 with 136 laps to his name.
  • Alonso racked up 32 more laps, adding to the much needed mileage of McLaren.

4th February 2015 [1st TEST DAY 4 *FINAL DAY]

  • With Jenson Button at the wheel for the second time during the first test, McLaren were able to score their quickest time of the week. (1:27.660)
  • Lewis Hamilton claims yet another century of laps, completing 117 until a spin red flagged the session.
  • Again, Sauber makes it into the top three with Marcus Ericsson. (1:22.019)
  • Growing concerns over Force India, and if they will make the first round of the Calendar.
  • Marussia plans to come out of administration on February 19th and search for new investment, hopefully securing a long-term return.

5th February 2015

  • McLaren play down rumours that their power unit hasn’t the pace, but rather stated that they were observing their engine operating at minimum power. Matt Morris seemed relaxed as he confessed that more running would have been welcomed, but their simulation tools are accurate enough to gain the useful data that could have been taken out on track.
  • Force India blocked Marussia’s comeback to the grid in 2015, Bob Fernley examined that “lacked substance” and “Given the lack of information, uncertain guarantees, and the speculative nature of the application, the decision was taken that it is better to focus on ensuring the continued participation of the remaining independent teams.”
  • Caterham’s aspirations of returning to this year’s grid as well were subsequently sold off. Auctions are planned from March to May.

6th February 2015

  • F1 teams continue to encourage the reintroduction of four digit horse power into the 2016/2017 calendars at 1000bhp. Some are suggesting twin turbo 2.2 litre engines whilst others wish to develop the current power units into more powerful machines (by increasing the fuel flow rate). Other options such as bigger rear tyres and more downforce are also being discussed.


Dane Hansen


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