Weekly Wrap Up [Week2]

F1 pundit Dane Hansen, writes for The Sport Space giving you weekly breakdowns of exclusive, need to know facts about the exciting and dynamic world that is Formula One. Find out what happened here…

 Even when there is no racing there is always news there are still constant whispers and rumors we have heard. This week has been full of ups and downs…Here are some of them.

February 8th – 14th


Sunday 8th February [SPOILER ALERT ***TOP GEAR***]


  • Popular British motoring show Top Gear, hosts Australian and Red Bull no.1 driver, Daniel Riccardo. During the show, a segment is included called “Star in a reasonably priced car”. With names like Rubens Barichello and Sebastien Vettel on the board, it was Lewis Hamilton’s best time of 1:42.9 to beat. Daniel set out on track in a Suzuki Liana and beat Hamilton’s time by 8 tenths of a second making the new record 1:42.1. During the interview a member of the audience asked Daniel what the back of Lewis’s car looks like during a race weekend. Humorously, Daniel didn’t give a verbal response, but rather gestured his middle finger in the audience member’s direction. Later he jokingly remarked that this new record gave him better feelings than his first career win in Canada last year.
  • Ex-Minardi team owner Gian Carlo Minardi has expressed his frustration and anger (on his own website) at Formula One’s Strategy group for blocking a Marussia return for 2015 whilst using their 2014 spec car. He expressed his feelings as “It’s absurd and unsportsmanlike behaviour”… “The opposing small teams hope to split up the remaining prize money that was due to Marussia, but perhaps they did not count to ten. Get rid of the two Cinderellas – Marussia and Caterham – and the grid shrinks.”


Monday 9th February


  • Chief technical officer at Williams, Pat Symons expressed his feelings over the new regulation proposals for the coming seasons, and voiced that focus should be put elsewhere, rather than focusing on 1000bhp engines. He further explained that Toyota’s Hybrid Le Mans car runs at 1000bhp, but isn’t all too thrilling. He would rather see business solutions made to keep teams in the sport that is so expensive.
  • Following Ferrari’s strong and reliable form from both Vettel and Raikkonen in the first test at Jerez, Ferrari’s team principal Maurizio Arrivabene reveals that the Scuderia has “rediscovered its motivation”. Is Fernando Alonso looking in the mirror wishing he is still wearing red?
  • Officials in Qatar say that FOM and Bernie Ecclestone are close to reaching a deal for a Grand Prix. The race would be held at the Lusail Circuit or a new street circuit in Doha, Qatar’s capital city. This would mean 3 different Arab nations would be fixed on the F1 calendar.
  • Formula One photographer Alex Galli snapped quick shots of the cars with his SLR camera at the first test in Jerez, and noticed something different about this year’s Ferrari. As Sebastien Vettel’s car flew passed him on his test runs, Alex noticed that the car has a different paint covering the moulded carbon fibre sheets. This magic paint is non-reflective and makes photography an easier job for photographers like Galli. He shared how the car is particularly “better” to photograph, especially after the rain and the sun begins to poke holes through the breaking clouds.

Tuesday 10th February


  • Bernie Ecclestone has come up with yet another controversial statement. He hopes to add a “second tier” to Formula One by bringing in a “Super GP2” category through giving the best GP2 runners more powerful engines and joining in on the F1 action. Another one of his options (which he prefers) is to use a “second division”. This would be done by utilising the championship winning Red Bull used in the 2013 season and use Mecachrome V8 engines. This all seems a bit absurd.
  • Sebastien Vettel and his management deny that the helmet used in Jerez testing was made with Michael Schumacher in mind. The helmet is virtually a mirror image of the helmet Shumi used while karting in 1985.
  • Kimi Raikkonen suggests that retaining his seat with Ferrari and staying with the Maranello based team is merely an option that he isn’t concerned about just yet. He continued to say that his decision will also be based on how well the team get on this season. He told the media “…we will see what happens in the future. I don’t worry about it. We will find out at some point.” in a typical blunt and disinterested fashion – signature to his personality.
  • Further reasons are given for Force India’s late arrival onto the grid. Currently Vijay Malya’s squad is hiring out Toyota’s wind tunnel in Cologne. Vanquished teams Caterham and Marrusia had arrangements to test there, but seeing as both have since collapsed, the arrangements between all parties are still in full flow, regardless of who is participating or not. Bob Fernley stated “However, the Toyota people had agreements with Caterham, and quite rightly until they could resolve their Caterham issues we could not move in with our contract. We didn’t get the go-ahead until early December, so we were behind schedule before we had even started.” So far they have missed the first test and are scheduled to miss the first four days of the second test in Barcelona.

Wednesday 11th February


  • Amidst Ferrari’s perceived climb in performance during the first test, Italian-Canadian executive, Sergio Marchionne hints that this is not a done deal for Ferrari. “It is one thing to do a quick lap and another to do them over a whole Grand Prix.”
  • Playboy and ex-F1 team manager of Renault, Flavio Briatore explained that his one champion driver, Fernando Alonso, didn’t leave the Scuderia on bad terms and insists that he isn’t a difficult customer. “Regarding the last five years, I’ll tell you this: a lot of nonsense has been said,”
  • Williams revealed that they were in favour of a return of the Marussia/Manor team to the grid in 2015. “”We want a full competitive line-up on the grid next year and we will do anything to support Marussia coming back. We made it very clear that we would vote for them to be able to use the 2014 chassis this season. Unfortunately it hasn’t happened,”

Thursday 12th February


  • Recent statistics have shown that Formula One has lost roughly 175 million viewers during the course of 6 years. That’s 30% of Formula One’s viewership as a whole…Ouch
  • Negotiations between Sepang International Circuit and FOM are still on the go without a conclusion being reached. Circuit boss Razlan Razali quoted “I am very confident this year’s F1 [race] won’t be the last.”
  • Ron Dennis is not worried about carrying title sponsors next to the McLaren name. “Title sponsorship doesn’t exist anymore as a concept,” and continued “If you look at what title sponsorship would normally be, it would be somewhere between 40-50 per cent of your budget.” He also displayed his thoughts on the current state of F1, hoping for it to be “open to dramatic changes” in light of the 1000bhp engine fiasco. He tipped 2017 to be a realistic and cost effective year for implementation.
  • Manor/Marussia update their social media projections to a message saying “Get Ready”…is this a last effort in a dying battle, or the dawn of another season for the red white and black team?

Friday 13th (What could this mean ?) February


  • Christian Horner explains that Adrian Newey will be splitting up his time with Red Bull and other projects at Red Bull Technologies at 50/50. Adrian will attend at least half the races this year.
  • Red Bull is tipped to test a new nose, similar to the 2015 Williams. The trial is expected at one of the remaining tests.
  • Force India will only debut its new car at the final test. However it will run its 2014 car in the second test at Barcelona.


Saturday 14th February


  • Force India continues its financial troubles, and more speculation over the team’s future in the sport.
  • Lotus’s Gerard lopez is confident that the Mercedes engines will make all the difference this year, though putting all the blame on the ill-fated Renault engines of 2014 would not be fair. He said “Our new Mercedes engine will make the difference, although Renault was not solely to blame for the disastrous 2014 season”



 Revs for thought



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