Weekly Wrap Up [Week 6]

F1 pundit Dane Hansen, writes for The Formula 1 Issue giving you weekly breakdowns of exclusive, need to know facts about the exciting and dynamic world that is Formula One. Find out what happened here… March 9th – 15th   1gp3 Monday

  • Sauber’s lawyer exclaims that the recruitment of Giedo Van der Garde would be a danger on track to drivers and himself should he be in the car at Australia. Seats and belts are an issue. “Sauber could not allow him to race… it would be reckless and dangerous to do otherwise. It would result in an unacceptable risk of physical harm or even death.”
  • Martin Brundle is convinced that Mclaren will battle this season.
  • Domenicali has revealed he never regretted bringing Raikkonen back to Ferrari.
  • Damon Hill believes Max Verstappen is too young for F1.


  • Roberto Mehri has been announced as Will Stevens team mate at the Manor – Marussia team.
  • Alonso says he is “giving everything” to be back behind the wheel in Malaysia.
  • Santander pulls out from F1 sponsorship.
  • Haas signs several new technical staff members.
  • Mercedes sees Williams as the main threat.


  • Van der Garde wins his race seat for Australia.
  • Adrian Newey’s son, Harrison Newey, has signed to be Mick Jnr’s (Michael Schumacher’s son) in F4.
  • Christian Horner hints at a ban on wind tunnels.
  • Ron Dennis admits he “failed” in dealing with Alonso’s concussion.
  • (Other News) Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended and this week’s episode will not be shown on Sunday.


  • FIA has abandoned thoughts on restricted further F1 radio information.
  • Ex McLaren chief, Martin Whitmarsh is set to join Ben Ainslie’s sailing team.
  • Force India is expecting a “painful” start to the season.
  • Whilst Sergio Perez backs Van der Garde (Who hopes his super licence can be fast tracked), Jenson Button does not believe Giedo will be a hazard.
  • Sauber was ordered to pay Giedo’s legal costs.


  • The plot thickens. Van der Garde’s lawyers asked for Kaltenborn to be imprisoned.
  • Mercedes top both practices in Melbourne.
  • Magnussen has a “strange” crash in FP2.
  • Just minutes before free practice in Melbourne, Van der Garde lost his court case to race in Melbourne. What is going on?


  • Lewis Hamilton qualifies on pole whilst McLaren’s Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen occupy the last two slots on the grid.
  • Due to software issues, Manor is unable to take place in this weekend’s grand prix
  • Giedo Van der Garde fails to get a race seat at Sauber this weekend.


  • Lewis Hamilton wins the Australian Grand Prix
  • Sebastien Vettel claims his first podium in his first race at Ferrari.
  • Three drivers did not make the grid to race today.
  • Van der Garde did not compete once during the race weekend.

***For a fantastic and informative race review, please follow the link https://theformula1issue.wordpress.com/category/grand-prix/


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I am an avid freelance Formula 1 writer and blogger. My writings are diverse and range from historical insights, to thorough and exciting analysis of the modern era and the topics that come with it. I am also able to take in requests from readers that wish to gain vision into particular stories. All are welcome. I encourage constructive criticism and conversation in comments or via email. My passion for the world’s fastest show consumes my daily efforts and I am always enthused to write about the sport I love most. Even as a pundit, I too have a curiosity and am always ready to learn more about an ever expanding sport.

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