F1 Weekly Wrap Up [Week 12]

Week 12

20th April-26th



  • Bernie says he would happily step down if it means Audi could join F1.
  • Bernie also states that Baku would be a great replacement for Monza, as the Italian GP faces a “similar situation” to the German Grand Prix.
  • Maldonado faces a penalty that is quite hilarious. The fiery Latin received a 5 second penalty at Bahrain after he started in 18th place…when he should have started in 16th.
  • VW group is coming ever closer to bringing Audi onto the grid in 2018.


  • Villeneuve thinks Kvyat is struggling under the pressure.
  • Merhi expects the Manor axe as he starts his Formula Renault 3.5 season this Saturday
  • Williams accepts that Ferrari will be hard to catch
  • Ferrari to expect a power boost in Barcelona, perfect for the long straights, and the na further boost in Canada
  • Alonso has predicted a large jump in performance for Mclaren come the Spanish Grand Prix



  • Boullier warns that Alonso’s predictions of more pace in Barcelona may not come
  • Sauber has denied testing the new Ferrari power unit
  • Whitmarsh says he never regretted joining Mclaren
  • Hulkenberg seems to be gearing up for life away from F1
  • Raikkonen seems to be on fire after nearly quitting F1 again in 2014
  • F1 has granted permission to use a fifth engine for teams with no resulting penalty.


  • Mehri seems set to now keep his seat at Manor
  • Marko is sure that Red Bull can catch Ferrari and Mercedes by the end of the season…
  • Mclaren hopes to be competitive by the end of 2016
  • Lauda says a Mercedes deal is set to be ready by the Spanish Grand Prix
  • Vettel has become a patron for the Formula 4 series which both Michael Schumacher’s and Adrian Newey’s sons will be racing in
  • Mclaren have made a sponsorship deal with AA.
  • Lauda is not surprised by Ferrari’s new pace
  • Hamilton has ended a 20 year relationship with Arai
  • Horner wishes to renew his vows to Renault


  • Valencia could make a return to the F1 GP calendar…
  • Hamilton is sure that Fernando Alonso is one of the best drivers the sport has ever seen
  • Marko believes Ricciardo is on Vettel’s level
  • Marko says that although difficult to prove, Mercedes has helped Ferrari improve.
  • Lotus is to run their 2015 car at Brands Hatch soon


  • Villeneuve believes that Alonso could never win an F1 race again
  • Hamilton is Britain’s richest sportsman. He is worth £88 million


  • Mick Schumacher wins in only his third F4 race ever. Cheers for the man!
  • Jenson Button finishes his Maiden London marathon

Dane Hansen


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I am an avid freelance Formula 1 writer and blogger. My writings are diverse and range from historical insights, to thorough and exciting analysis of the modern era and the topics that come with it. I am also able to take in requests from readers that wish to gain vision into particular stories. All are welcome. I encourage constructive criticism and conversation in comments or via email. My passion for the world’s fastest show consumes my daily efforts and I am always enthused to write about the sport I love most. Even as a pundit, I too have a curiosity and am always ready to learn more about an ever expanding sport.

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