F1 Grand Prix PREVIEW ROYALE: Monaco, Round 6




  • Date: 24th May 2015
  • Circuit Name: Circuit de Monaco
  • First Grand Prix: 1950 (1929) †

† The race itself is older than Formula One

  • Circuit Type: Temporary, street race. Slowest on the calendar. Tough on tyres and tough on brakes. High downforce is required with lower tyre pressures.
  • Circuit Length: 3.337km
  • Laps: 78
  • Lap Record: None: The Swimming Pool Chicane has changed its trajectory, thus changing the layout slightly.
  • Tyre Allocation: Super-Soft (Red rims) and Soft (Yellow Rims)
  • DRS Zones: One along the main straight with one activation point.


Pole: N. Rosberg, Mercedes, 1:15.989

Winner: N. Rosberg, Mercedes, 1:49:27.661

Fastest Lap: K. Räikkönen, Ferrari, 1:18.479


Monaco Preview Special

Monaco has been the scene of affluence since its establishment as a tax haven for the rich, famed and powerful. To be noticed and admired, the principality provides its dwellings a modest 1.95km squared. Its Casinos appear to be like recreations of adored Disney-like scenes. Gold is literally on the very ceilings that tower over millions of Euros worth of gambling chips. But don’t count on taking pictures for proof that you were there, as photography isn’t allowed. Perhaps you can sneak a straw out from your favourite drink, but I warn you, the cheapest alcoholic mix at their most inexpensive casino will give your wallet an €18 deficit.  Ka-Ching!

So you are in Monaco for their most famous and appraised weekend on the year. You want to fit in. So what do you wear, how to you look the part? Well, search no further; here is your Monte Carlo survival kit.


Head: A Panama Hat is an absolute must have. If you have sensitive corneas, invest in a pair of Ray-Bans, Tom Fords or Burberry shades. These should be either black or tortoise shell (be careful of reflective lenses and frames in other colours).

Torso: You don’t have a collared shirt? Be careful, anything without a collar could be mistaken for pyjamas. Polo Shirts, Lacoste or good dress shirts are a necessity. Soft pastel colours are prime too. If it’s cold, V-neck jumpers are thumbs up.

Legs: Go for above-the-knee-cut chino shorts, preferably one role up. Whites, beiges, blues and other soft pastel colours are needed. Suede/leather docksides are fantastic. What better way to finish the affluent look than a pair of casual boat shoes. Secret socks are as obvious as starting with the Salad Fork at a dinner party (if you don’t know that, don’t expect a dinner invite from the royal family there)

If you don’t crack this invite, you could be drafted onto a nearby yacht, docked in the harbour. You’re at an evening shenanigan and you need to impress, so here’s what to do…

A well-fitted suit is always a winner. It never falters and is your safest option. Besides, if nobody is wearing a tie, you can stash yours back in one of your many pockets – it’s a suit, they can do almost anything.

But maybe you REALLY want to look the part, so read closely. Try a soft blue button up shirt (no tie) accompanied by an indigo blazer (buttoned [just the top one] or unbuttoned – it’s up to you).

Below the top compartment is the most devilish and outspoken statement of your outfit. A pair of bespoke salmon pink trousers ought to do it. And make sure they aren’t too baggy, because you’ll need to show off those bright yellow socks you planned to wear.

As for your watch – this little item should be the centrepiece of any outfit you wear over the weekend. Keep it simple. A minimalist time piece should do fine.

And smell good…


Excerpt from “The Magic 8 Spectacle”

The Grand Prix de Monaco is by far the most glamorous of them all. It is staged in Monte Carlo where the streets, grand stands and casino hotels stand tall and act as an amphitheatre to the harbour that rests below – a place retired millionaires and celebrities sip real Champagne and work on their eternal suntans. Its design, like to a twisted wire coat hanger, has tested the best of them – Graham Hill, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. Nelson Piquet said driving here is like trying to ride a bicycle in your living room. It is a place where technical meets romance, and is flaunted by royalty. It is the ultimate track to win at. Drivers barely get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Principality as they are exposed to violent bumps, twists, turns and tunnels which are all navigated with pinpoint precision whilst they change gears 4000 times during a race day as they tear past the opulent buildings that tower over the tarmac below. Monaco

 Fast Facts

  • Ayrton Senna had 6 wins here.
  • Drivers change gears 54 times a lap, thus making it 4200 times through the duration of the race.
  • Monaco has the most laps raced than any other race on the calendar.
  • McLaren is the most successful team at Monaco. They have won here 15 times.
  • It takes a massive six weeks to set up the circuit and three weeks to remove it.
  • First practice takes place on Thursday instead of Fridays. They do this to open the streets to the public on Fridays.


 The race

Monaco is a principality decorated by wealth. Only 16% of the 32 000 residents are actually Monaco thoroughbreds. The rest have chosen the tax haven to retire and to spend their time and money. When F1 cars are tearing through the bumpy streets, fast sports cars fill the small roads.

The first sector is the fastest. Starting on the main straight cars reach about 160mph before breaking. Here, the first turn is a right handed kink that catapults them uphill, snaking all the way to the top, bouncing around like excited toddlers in car seats. But these aren’t just any cars remember.

At the summit of this hill, drivers swoop left and then right in the quick complex that is, Casino Square. From there, it is a speedy dash down the hill, making sure they avoid the large protruding bump. The bump itself is only vaguely noticeable and barely felt in a road car, but these 200mph racers can feel every pivot in the tarmac below them.

The second sector tells its own unique story. Cars pull up to the slowest corner in F1 at just 40kph, before turning right, and right again thus entering the sport’s only tunnel during the season. Drivers must adjust their retinas quickly to cope with the changing light. They exit the tunnel at their top speed of the Monaco GP at circa 170mph. Braking is tricky for the fast approaching chicane, a nasty bump lies dead on the racing line – hit it and you will lockup from any one, to all four tyres.

The Swimming Pool Chicane is the second highlight for S2 and probably the weekend as a whole. It is here where cars are at their liveliest. Their change of direction is simply phenomenal.

Sector three is the slowest and more technical of the trio. Perfectly timed braking, pinpoint precision of steering and above all, throttle control are key.


What to Expect: Top 5 teams

Mercedes: Lewis Hamilton will be keen to chop his German counterpart’s chances of securing another pole this year, but Nico will be fired up for his “home” race.

Ferrari: Vettel and Raikkonen are sure of their faulty Barcelona improvements and expect a good result. We haven’t had a “slow” race yet, so this will be interesting.

Williams: Their car has improved over the season so far. Massa doesn’t seem like he is going anywhere until his contract ends at the end of 2016. However, Bottas will be quietly looking to impress the Scuderia.

Red Bull: The front running backmarkers are at a loss for how they can improve this season. Expect the mid-top-ten range on both days. The Toro Rosso boys will be looking to get in the mix as well.

McLaren: Both Alonso and Button are confident of progression and expect the Woking outfit’s first points this season.

 Enjoy the race!

 Dane Hansen


About dphansen24

I am an avid freelance Formula 1 writer and blogger. My writings are diverse and range from historical insights, to thorough and exciting analysis of the modern era and the topics that come with it. I am also able to take in requests from readers that wish to gain vision into particular stories. All are welcome. I encourage constructive criticism and conversation in comments or via email. My passion for the world’s fastest show consumes my daily efforts and I am always enthused to write about the sport I love most. Even as a pundit, I too have a curiosity and am always ready to learn more about an ever expanding sport.

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