F1 Weekly Wrap [Week 21]

Week 21

22 June – 28 June



  • Felipe Nasr has quietly burst onto the F1 scene. Should F1’s new Flying Finn, Valtteri Bottas, move onto Ferrari for 2016, Nasr could be a possible candidate for a Williams switch next season. He did have a relationship with the British outfit before he turned Swiss.
  • Mercedes Toto Wolff has expressed his concerns that when one team wins consistently in F1, it is bad for the sport. At the same time he has pleaded for criticism in F1 to stop. It seems he is conflicted with money, personal interests, and racing. An unhealthy combination.
  • Christian Horner has expressed his wishes that a figure like veteran Ross Brawn ought to write F1’s new rules.


  • Niki Lauda reckons that Nico Hulkenberg should be given a top drive in F1. The comment has been hollowed amidst Rosberg’s reform to winning. A space in the Mercedes AMG team seems unlikely for anybody in 2016.
  • Rumours have sprung up that Horner is anxious to leave Red Bull.
  • Williams have shown strange winglets just ahead of their rear tyres. They will test them this week during the official test in Austria.


  • According the Ocon, the Force India that has been branded as a “B-Spec” car is massively quick.


  • Fernando Alonso believes he is in a transitional period in his career.
  • Ferrari has revealed that they are changing tactics to beat Mercedes.
  • Valtteri Bottas is once again in the news. Ferrari has allegedly contacted him and Williams to make a bid for the Finn.



  • Vettel is not keen to back the new super licence points system
  • David Coulthard is sure that Rosberg is still capable of beating Lewis Hamilton for the WDC.


  • Maurizio Arrivabene is not amused to have gone viral in the Jurassic park spinoff pictures that have been flooding the internet.
  • Richard Branson believes that Formula E will surpass the popularity levels of F1 within 5 years.


  • Final day of Goodwood festival of speed.

Dane Hansen


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I am an avid freelance Formula 1 writer and blogger. My writings are diverse and range from historical insights, to thorough and exciting analysis of the modern era and the topics that come with it. I am also able to take in requests from readers that wish to gain vision into particular stories. All are welcome. I encourage constructive criticism and conversation in comments or via email. My passion for the world’s fastest show consumes my daily efforts and I am always enthused to write about the sport I love most. Even as a pundit, I too have a curiosity and am always ready to learn more about an ever expanding sport.

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