F1 Grand Prix Preview: Hungarian Grand Prix


Round: 10

Date: 26 July 2015

Circuit Name: Hungaroring

First Grand Prix: 1986

Type: Permanent, purpose – built race track

Length: 4.381 km

Laps: 70

Lap Record: 1:19.071, Michael Schumacher, Ferrari, 2004.

Tyres: Soft (Yellow) and Medium (White)

DRS: Two (Pit Straight and between turns 2-3)


Helló. Its a somber greeting I give to you for the Hungarian Grand Prix. One week on from Jules Bianchi’s unfortunate passing, and the F1 fraternity congregates for a difficult weekend on the Eurasia divide. The drivers and teams will be racing for one more person this weekend, and it is obvious for who it will be. 


The first Grand Prix to be held on “the other side” of the Iron Curtain, the Hungarian Grand Prix will be a nostalgic race for every driver this weekend. Why? Karting. Every driver on the grid has dabbled at least once in a Kart. After all, it is the common gate to Formula One and other motorsport categories. The Hungaroring supplies as a punchy track with aggressive breaking into turns, as well as the welcomed addition of classic Karting lines. Its the prologue the the summer break where we are welcomed back to Spa Francorchamps – the antithesis of what the Hungaroring provides. Its topography is complimented by tall trees and an abundance of enthusiastic fans.

Sector 1. The reasonably short straight is confronted by a downhill hard brake to the right. Its tricky to keep traction on exit, especially if DRS has been deployed. Execute this well and you’ll continually keep moving downhill for the next left and right corners.

Sector 2. The longest sector on track, the second sector is a catalog of mixed turns, high speed and low speed. Its a balance between carefully chosen brake points, throttle control and momentum.

Sector 3. Brief. This last sector, the slowest of all three is requires the most patience. However, being to tentative will come to be the drivers’ biggest challenge here.


What to Expect

 Cast your minds back to a year ago. Lewis Hamilton as arguably in the toughest part of his 2014 title winning season. Pushing hard in qualifying he had to stop his Mercedes just ahead of the pits, and the Briton watched as his car spewed flames.

Lewis-2015 is be licking his lips at the track he has been so successful on. The Mercedes duo will be the favorites to fill the top two places on the grid. Their Italian Stalian rivals will be close at the heels of the German works team drivers. A close battle will follow for the rest of the top ten. Red Bull will be up there, but not too close. Their Renault Powered engines will be thankful for the brather they have been given on this less demanding Hungaroring.

Dane Hansen


About dphansen24

I am an avid freelance Formula 1 writer and blogger. My writings are diverse and range from historical insights, to thorough and exciting analysis of the modern era and the topics that come with it. I am also able to take in requests from readers that wish to gain vision into particular stories. All are welcome. I encourage constructive criticism and conversation in comments or via email. My passion for the world’s fastest show consumes my daily efforts and I am always enthused to write about the sport I love most. Even as a pundit, I too have a curiosity and am always ready to learn more about an ever expanding sport.

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