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F1 Weekly Wrap Up [Week 19]

Week 19

8th – 14th June

Porsche Team: Nico Huelkenberg

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Formula One weekly Wrap Up [Week 18]

Week 18

1st – 7th June


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Weekly Wrap Up [Week 17]

Week 17 25th – 31st May ww173   Read the rest of this entry

Monaco F1 Grand Prix Round Up

Monaco Grand Prix Review

A dazzling day in Monaco, the harbour’s water was glistening with the reflections of rich party goers on yachts, here to enjoy a weekend of watching motorsport at its pinnacle. The grandstands were full, the pits were busy. Although the scene is totally different and unique, it is business as usual for all personal involved. All eyes were on the Mercedes duo. Was Hamilton going to be able to elbow out his friend and nemesis, Nico Rosberg?

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Grand Prix Review: Sepang, Round 2


 A spectacular lights show was looming over the horizon on Saturday, slowly eclipsing the much needed light with a white wall of torrential rain, steadily approaching Sepang. A dark curtain of cloud hung over the track and kept the paddock guessing when the heavens were going to open up.


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The Magic 8 Spectacle

[Part 1/8]

A lot of unseen effort goes into Formula One. Multi-million dollar deals, driver contracts and immense scrutinizing to keep the protagonists on the grid in check. F1 is a peculiar business. Drivers are employees and their sole objective is to win, whilst their employers are tasked with developing competitive cars and maintain solid sponsorships to fund their endeavours. All at the same time, hundreds of personnel are “back at the factory” working day and night through the year, be it in the sweltering heat of summer or the cold recesses of winter. Here are eight spectacles that run through the heart and veins of Formula One.

Formula One is a scene of an organised chaos. Filled with roughly 2000 people, during a season teams travel across the globe from corner to corner. Once only 8 races filled the F1 calendar, but now there are around twenty each year, beginning in March and ending in November, spanning a massive distance of 160 000km across the rondures of the Earth. But even after the rush of a year traveling around the world chasing a trophy, it is only the racing that stops. Then it is a battle against time for engineers, mechanics and aerodynamicists just to name a few, fill the factory to continue developing a car that has already been conceptualised around July/August of that same year.


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That’s a Wrap ! 2014 Conclusions

That’s a Wrap!

2014 has delivered one of the most, and least talked about seasons in decades. The introduction of the politically correct 1.6 l “hybrid power units” has received some harsh crits by fans,teams and drivers alike. The soft lazy groans of an engine revving to around 15 000 rpm simply hasn’t tantalized the senses.

2014 was the dawn of a new era of Formula One, and quite likely the benchmark for future racing developements. It recieved critisism and praise. What exactly happened this year has been a milestone for the sport, be it good or bad, Formula One has certainly recieved a lot of attention for its efforts over the season.


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